Kandygs started with 10 machines in 1971 and has now become a large factory with 200 handlooms, 30 power looms, 50 sewing machines and a fully equipped dye house. We boast to have trained more than 200 experts working in their own homes giving our product even a better value. Our dyeing is high tech as we want to achieve the best possible colour for our customer satisfaction and we guarantee for using safe dyes.

Kandygs successfully export to many countries including Japan, Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Mexico and Maldives. We have been representing ourselves and our country in many international trade fairs such as Heimtextil Frankfurt, Ambiante Frankfurt, and fairs in Sweden, Switzerland and Tokyo.

Our Vision

Kandygs will continue to weave the best possible textile. We will make it into a remarkable product, by using Sri Lankan hands having customer satisfaction in mind. Our pledge is to take the utmost care not to exploit the environment or the people involved in making our product.

Our Ethics : Improve lives of people. We encourage the skills and train our employees to become entrepreneurs guaranteeing a market for their products. No child labour.

Our Mission

..is to continue producing a textile that is made to the best possible quality having customer satisfaction in mind.

Our Stength

Having a strength of 300 skilled employees in-house and over 200 trained employees working in their own homes on sub-contract basis, Kandygs has the expertise to convert raw yarn to a beautiful ready-to-use end product.